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Within companies that operate in digital, it may be necessary to make some corrections on a software code or on websites. hat someone has the competence to correct the code and can make small changes or additions

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Managerial competence to develop projects

The manager of a company that often interfaces with technical programmers or needs to commission software or web presence to external parties, is undoubtedly facilitated in his work by possessing basic computer programming skills.

Web Development

Before closing a contract he will be able to ask adequate questions on a technical level and will be able to consult proposals and cost estimates with greater knowledge of the facts .


A good programming competence is an element that enriches the professional profile and can consolidate the role within the company and open new career opportunities.

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Such as the languages ​​recommended for learning to program From Cobol to Fortran, there are many programming languages ​​used in recent decades.

Database Design

In recent years some languages ​​have emerged, among which it is possible to choose the first one to learn.


Even the sales manager of a web agency or software house needs to learn to program in order to relate to the customer and the developers in the technical language that is their own


especially if this new skill is attested through a course carried out by training professionals. The knowledge of some programming languages can transform a company manager of administrative area into a project manager

Intro to Coding

Those who want to learn computer programming must however refer to the languages ​​most used today, basing their choice also consulting the announcements concerning job offers for professionals in the sector.

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In fact learning a programming language is like approaching a new foreign language: difficulties are encountered but then it turns out that many syntactic and grammatical elements are also present in other languages ​​already known .

Become an expert

Having learned to manage the basic programming elements of a language, facilitates the learning of others.

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Java is one of the most used programming

Java is one of the most used programming languages ​​in the world. Born in a university environment, from research at Stanford University, it has been used since 1992. Java owes its fortune to having been implemented in the Netscape browser in 1993, thanks to the fact that it works very well also in web programming. sque

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C and C ++ languages

It is still the basis of the Android app programming language, adopted on most mobile phones around the world. Java is the basis of the online presence of companies in the Linkedin and Netflix level and is used to develop software, websites and mobile applications . It can be considered an evolution of C and C ++ languages, with which it shares many elements.

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who are about to learn to program

The C language is strongly recommended for those who are about to learn to program, not so much for its simplicity, but for its completeness. Born in 1972, the C language is of a procedural nature.

My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

The C language is particularly useful for learning to program, because it allows to acquire a mental form oriented to the solution of programming problems and its knowledge will make it easier to learn languages ​​such as C ++, Java, Javascript and PHP.

John Smith, Divi Design Initiative

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Javascript, often abbreviated as JS, is a dynamic object-oriented scripting language that supports the use of already programmed prototypes. The basic syntax is quite similar to the older siblings, Java and C ++ and allows you to quickly learn how to program, thanks to the reduced number of new concepts to learn for those who use the other two. It is in any case a language considered simple for those who want to learn to program.

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Javascript is used to program websites, software and applications. The language is among the most used, just think that the Facebook app is developed in Javascript, and that some widely used platforms, such as PayPal and Groupon, use JS technology in their web servers. Born to make web pages dynamic, Javascript is quite elementary, because it does not require the management of programming environments: it is sufficient to open one of the most popular browsers and open the “web console” in the menus, to start developing code.

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