Law firms are usually business entities formed by lawyers to practice law and order. They help their clients on the matters of civil cases and also affirm them on their rights. There exist several law firms Gold Coast because lawyers find it difficult to make individually, they decide to join hands and put together their resources to build a business with a recognised and legitimate name that helps them to carry out their operations.

The organisation of law firms

They are arranged in many ways depending on the sovereignty that the firms engage in. The following are the most popular types of these firms:

  • Sole proprietorship – is managed by an attorney and is entitled to all the profit and losses that the firm makes.
  • General partnership – a group of attorneys come together and form a firm in which they are entitled to all the profits and losses that the firm incur.
  • Professional corporations – that issue assets to the lawyers in a manner like that of a business partnership.
  • Limited liability firm –  the attorneys are referred to as members and are not entitled to third party beneficiary of the firm.
  • Professional association – which works comparably to an expert partnership or a constrained risk organisation.
  • Limited Liability Partnership – in which the lawyer proprietors are accomplices with each other, but none of these partners is liable for creditors of the firm.

Duties and responsibilities of law firms

The law firms are formed by lawyers and have several duties and responsibilities that they carry out. Here are a few roles that the law firms play in society:

They are involved in counselling and representation of clients before government agencies, in courts, and even special legal issues.

Carrying out research and evaluation of the legal issues: they should take the client’s information in detail and later involve in further analysis of the problem and try to find the best solutions.

Interpretation of law to its clients: they should be conversant with the requirements related to the client’s legal issue and inform the client of their rights and how to proceed.

Preparation and filing of the legal documents: they are responsible for devising the legal documents and filing them, and ensuring they are safe.

Stand on behalf of their clients in legal matters: they should act on behalf of their clients to try and win the case in courts or other legal enforcing institutions.

Qualities of an excellent law firm

Accountability: An excellent law firm should have responsible lawyers with clearly defined visions, and they should adhere to the rules and regulations of the firm.

Client-driven: every law firm needs to put the client at the centre stage of their operations and long-term strategies. They should make decisions that favour their clients

Clear mission and vision: the firm should have clearly outlined goals and objectives that bring out the mission and vision of the firm.

Fidelity: the firm must be in relentless efforts in ensuring that all the stakeholders are devoted to what they are entitled in the firm. This is achieved through recognition of hardworking members, involvement in decision-making matters that can affect their interests, trust, and respect, among others.

Dedication to quality: the quality of work from a firm can say a lot about the firm. Most clients want firms that are focused on giving them quality work that does not need any addition or subtraction.